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HIRING: Digital Marketing Manager 🌐 (ONLINE & PART-TIME)

The ideal candidate will manage the online marketing strategy of the brand by planning and executing digital marketing campaigns. This includes finding influencers fit for our brand, picking the right content and launch advertisements to increase brand awareness. It is an advantage to have had marketing experience and passion to learn social media analytics. 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Design, maintain, and supply content for Downfield’s social media page. 👨‍💻
  • Launch collaborations (with influencers) & advertisements for sales and brand exposure. 
  • Analyze effectiveness of marketing contents. 🔎

💼 Send CV to contact.downfield.ph@gmail.com so we can see if you fit our team! ⚡️ Minimum requirement is 2 years of experience in college :)

This job is for people who want to hone their skills and passionate with social media. All tasks are fully ONLINE (with generous pay) 👨‍💻 We only need good work ethics & a creative eye 👀 Being a Football enthusiast is a plus!