Become an Affiliate (Join the Team)

Apply to become an Affiliate & Influencer! 

- Reselling can be time consuming and complicated, hence the idea of having affiliate works both ways as you can just refer them to our website and use your personalized promo code, and we shall send you a monetary commission when they do. 💰

Affiliate Perks: 

1. Share discounts to your friends! (5% OFF + FREE SHIPPING)

2. Earn money (10-20% share) when they use your code 

3. EARLY ACCESS to promos, and surprise freebies for your orders. 

4. Support the football scene or your local charity as we pledge to give back a part of our revenue for a cause ❤️ 

5. No hassle of reselling and holding transactions, as you just refer them to Downfield. 🤷‍♂️ 

How to Join? 

Just email us at and include the ff:

1. Your Name (+ Facebook Handle, Instagram Handle)

2. City of Residence

3. Your intentions on joining (Can be as simple as 1-3 sentences.)

We shall then send you details after 1-2 days. 💯

Become our Affiliate & Influencer now! ❤️ See you!